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We're giving away 10 gift cards to the first 10 people who submit the current medical supply list to us



Special Announcement

MD Consultants of America has expanded again!

We are pleased to announce that MD Consultants of America now supplies your medical office with all the medical supplies you need.  Everything from the smallest bandages to crutches, catheters, orthopedic supplies and more!  You name it....we'll get it!  We cut out the middle man and buy direct from the distributor giving the savings back to your office.




Request a Cost Comparison

Would you like a cost comparison?

Simply fax us at 309-414-0298 or email us at with a list of all your medical supplies that you currently order, on a regular basis, along with the price per item that you are now paying and we will send you back a cost comparison sheet of what it would cost you if you switch to buying your products with us.



Special Offer

Special Offer

We are so confident that we will beat your current medical supply company that we will give away 10 "FREE" GIFT CARDS!  This is only good for the 1st 10 people who submit their current medical supply list for a price comparison.  If we CANNOT beat your current pricing list, then you'll receive a "FREE" GIFT CARD!




Simply submit your price list to the fax or email address.



Toll Free: 1-877-272-1631
Fax: 309-414-0298

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